We are a multi-faceted technology and innovation company based in Mumbai, India

The Sanskrit word Chintan means 'thinking', 'contemplation', 'thought' etc. and is used only in the positive, benign sense. That is what our business stands for. Thought is indeed the prime ingredient of what we deliver to our customers, leading to smoothly running processes, satisfied customers and value addition all around

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About us

A multifaceted software technology and Innovation Company based in Mumbai, India, with a successful and enjoyable history of 15 years. It has supported various IT initiatives of customers through software development, web-based services, testing, training, recruitment and consulting.
We specialize in building business and scientific applications on client server and distributed platforms. We have a firm foundation, history and ever growing repertoire of server side web technologies; it is shown extensively in our work and products. We have worked extensively on Open Source (Python, Zope, Grok, GAE ) as well as proprietary frameworks. On the client side we stand for supporting the w3c initiatives, viz. HTML5 and CSS3.
Our focus for over a decade has been on innovative web based systems and products. In tune with the times we now develop for the mobile and the handheld and special devices platforms too. We have also enhanced significantly the operational ease for our existing applications base.
Over the years we have developed software on various platforms from DOS, Windows, Linux, The Web and now we are moving into development for the Mobile phones and handheld and embedded devices. We are also in the process of upgrading our existing software to be cloud-deployable so that we can offer significant cost and procedural benefits to our customers.

How are we different
"(our USP)"

We specialize in managing complexity, in creating software that provides simple and intuitive user interfaces to complex applications. We love diving deep into scientific and business domains, and in building applications that address their peculiar concerns.
If you have a problem, and if you have a solution, we will translate that solution into a reliable and adaptable software system that would integrate well with your existing systems infrastructure. Even if you do not have a solution, our R&D consulting team will assist you in finding such a solution. In addition, we employ technologies and processes that build flexibility, robustness and maintainability into the systems we build, while giving the customer continued visibility, early results and complete ownership.
We are also open to joining into an ongoing or stalled project and taking it to completion. Some areas where we have provided customized solutions are:

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We've got what you need!

current courses

  • Continuous Integration & Delivery using Python, 6 Weeks
  • Web applications using Mongodb and Flask, 1 Month
  • Data Analytics using Python, 1 Month
  • Software Development Engineer in Testing (Manual & Automation Testing + Live Project)

At Your Service


Chintan Systems has its intellectual roots in the famed training institute NICE Computers and to this day we are committed to the ideals of Effective, Affordable, No-nonsense training...

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Web and mobile Solutions

We have the right mix of technical, commercial, aesthetic and linguistic skills to create the right web and mobile solutions for you.

Software Development

Software Development is the core activity at Chintan. We have worked on a variety of domains, including retail, Chemistry research, healthcare, logistics etc. We have considerable expertise on Open Source tools and technologies, mainly centered around the language Python.


"Augmetier", our tribute to human potential, is a unique platform for motivation and skill augmentation, outwardly disguised as a placement agency .


ERPs are either associated with exorbitant and continuing costs and high levels of disruption and straitjacketing, or with immature implementations of assembled modules, or with both. We offer an alternative based on the open Source ERP5 platform which is suitable for medium sized companies.

Business Data Analytics

Business, they say, is data! We have the right set of mathematical and statistical modeling skills for handling voluminous multidimensional data and the right kind of computational and presentation mechanisms to extract business insight from that data.

IT for Basic Sciences

Scientific Research has special computational, modeling and data management needs. Chintan has been involved with Cheminformatics for some years and we are working towards providing a coherent set of tools and services for the scientific community.

Student Services

We have always enjoyed our interactions with the student community. We help college students through training, mentoring and by helping them with their college projects.

Products and Subsystems

We have a useful repertoire of ready-to-cook systems and components for a vast variety of requirements. They are not shrink-wrapped products and are not available off the shelf .

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