योगः कर्मसु कौशलम्

We are a multi-faceted
technology & innovation company based in Mumbai, India

Chintan is a Sanskrit word meaning " contemplation". Contemplation is not about fast, off-the-cuff answers. It is all about creative thinking, well designed sustainable solutions, smooth transitions and efficient utilization of resources.

Who we are and what we do

We are a 27 year old information technology, research and innovation company interested in

  • Sensitive and Ethical business practices
  • Complexity Management through well-grounded application of conceptual and scientific tools
  • Customer Satisfaction through novel solutions
  • Learning as our core skill and application of learning as our core activity.
  • Mentoring and providing internships and first-job opportunities
  • Social good through being good in our own field and doing our bit towards society.

Our Vision

Provide inclusive, affordable, open and sustainable technological solutions, and the pathways to such solutions, for the masses.

Our Strength

Our company leaders and advisors have a deep understanding of needs of businesses, technology, human aspirations and the social framework. Collectively they have expertise in the core areas that help define business solutions, promote team building, encourage learning and promote dedication and ensure that the company is in good health.

Talent... We are always in search of good humans to work with us.

Areas we are interested in

  • Web & Mobile development
  • Python and Javascript coding
  • AI, ML & DL
  • ChatGPT API usage
  • Mathematics
  • Business Development
  • Web Marketing

We naturally prefer those with multidisciplinary areas.

We always welcome interns and freshers.

Necessary basic skills... who have strong oral & written communication skills, good general knowledge, awareness of current affairs, curiosity, self learning ability.
Our evaluation process is strict, because once we select you, your growth is our primary concern. Of course, you need to respond positively.

Let's Get In Touch!

  • Development Center

    11 - 12, first floor, Mahadev Darshan,
    opposite Jeevan Vikas Hospital,
    Koldongri, off Sahar Road, Andheri

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